Why do visitors have to become members before being allowed to view the music in sheet or .bww format?

With regards to becoming a registered member of this web site.

Membership is “FREE”.  When you register or join as a member the information you provide (your choice of USER LOGIN NAME, your E-MAIL ADDRESS, your FIRST and SURNAME) will not be provided to anyone or any group.

The reason that I am requesting that a visitor become a Member (“Free”) is simply to allow that visit access to the actual copy of the music in a .PDF printable or savable format and the source code of the Bagpipe Music Writer Software that was used the create the .BWW file in a .PDF format so it could be printed, copies using the edit and copy function or save the .PDF file on your own computer to copy the contents to your own BAGPIPE MUSIC WRITE SOFTWARE. (see Copyright Material in FQA) for some protocol when copying a composer’s original music and modifications to that music for your own use).

YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE TUNES in the MUSICAL NOTES SECTION for BOOK ONE, BOOK TWO, NEW COMPOSITIONS and ADAPTATIONS and in future when posted ARRANGEMENTS.  However if your like a particular tune and would like a copy you would need to register as a MEMBER with “FREE” status.

Can I get a copy of the music if I choose not to become a registered MEMBER (“Free”)?

If you CHOSE NOT TO BECOME A MEMBER you can still receive a copy of the SHEET MUSIC of any tune in a PDF format for printing or a copy of the BAGPIPE MUSIC WRITER SOURCE (.BWW File) for use on your onw Bagpipe Music Writer Software or both the SHEET MUSIC and .BWW File by contacting by e-mail at thepipingpadre@gmail.com or at rev.dr.ken.bice@gmail.com and I will e-mail you a copy of the requested tune or tunes in the format you requested.

What is you policy on Copyright Material?

The copyright recorded on the compositions created by Rev. Dr. Kenneth B. Bice CD D.D. KGSJ are there to indicated who is the  author / composer of the music.

It someone downloads or prints a copy of the music or receives a copy of the source code in the Bagpipe Music Writer format (.bww) and they modify the music in any way, it is expected based on the copyright of the original music that they acknowledge the author / composer of the music and use the term “arr.” or “arr. by” followed by the person arranging the music for their own personal use or for use of their current, future or past bands they have played with.

Often bands, even at the Grade 1 level will modify a tune for playability by the band overall or individual members.

The COPYRIGHT is not in place for any other purpose other than acknowledgement of the author / composer on music copied and distributed as in it’s original or amended content by an arranger.

The COPYRIGHT does not restrict any individual or band from playing the piece of music in private or public including on various media such as recordings on CD’s, DVD’s, Flash Drives, etc. or on other live media such as Television, Radio, YouTube, Film, etc.

The COPYRIGHT is not intended for the author / composer to receive ROYALTIES as none are being requested by the author / composer of the music, adaptations or arrangements of the music.

K.B. Bice – March 17, 2017

Is the Bagpipe Music Writer SOURCE CODE for  the music available?


COPYING THE BAGPIPE MUSIC WRITE CODE from the BWW (PDF) file from the site:

Click on the item in the 3rd column of the table titled BWW which is on the same line as the title of the tune.   This opens in a new screen in the Adobe PDF program as a PDF file.

Using the Adobe PDF program under the EDIT section, click on EDIT the click on SELECT ALL then click on COPY.

Now, go to your Bagpipe Music Write Program, open a NEW file, then select the existing new file code that is present by highlighting it and the PASTE the code you copied from the Adobe PDF file containing the .bww code, which overlays the original code in the file.

Then when you click on your Bagpipe Music Write program VIEW, select REFRESH MUSIC and the music of the tune will display.

ONE PROBLEM that I have not been able to overcome so far it that when you copy .bww source from a PDF file it does not format properly. In some instances you will see to movements joined together. The tune plays ok, but the format is hard to read. You can go to the various parts of the music code and hit your tab key to move to code over one tab between the sections of the code that seem to be joined together or actually break out the bar lines into individual lines rather than them being compressed all together. YOU WOULD NEED TO DO THIS TO FORMAT THE CODE FOR EASY READING and ALSO TO ALLOW IT TO PRINT PROPERLY….I know it is a bit of a pain to do this, but if you are only selecting a few tunes, then it should not take too much time to reformat the code after you have copied and pasted it to a NEW BAGPIPE MUSIC WRITER FILE.

DUE TO THE PROBLEM with the formatted .BWW PDF copy ……………

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO SEND YOU A COPY OF THE BAGPIPE MUSIC SOFTWARE IN THE ORIGINAL FORMAT FROM MY MASTER FILE SIMPLY SEND ME AN E-MAIL AT thepipingpadre@gmail.com or rev.dr.ken.bice@gmail.com INDICATING THE WHICH TUNE OR TUNES YOU WOULD LIKE THE .BWW SOURCE CODE FOR AND I WILL SEND YOU A COPY. You can see the e-mail address below in the contact section and can click on it to send me an e-mail or copy it to you e-mail server.



Hopefully I will be able to come up with a method of posting the BWW Source for each tune in some form on the site that you may be able to simply open or download the BWW (.bww) file or open a WORD DOCUMENT with the BWW (.bww) source in order to download or copy the contents to a new .bww file on your own system without you having to do some editing/formatting of the tune for viewing, playing along with the tune and printing.


I thank you should you wish to send me some feedback on the contents of my site.

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I MAY CONTACT YOU– by the E-mail address you provided to thank you for your feedback, answer any questions you have had, to let you know of new updates to the pages and possibly to ask permission to share you feedback with others and only if you ok the request.  Your NAME but NOT YOUR E-MAIL address or any other contact information may be provided, ONLY if you provide written permission to use your NAME.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if your have any questions or concerns regarding FEEBACK privacy at either e-mail address rev.dr.ken.bice@gmail.com or thepipingpadre@gmail.com